We have compiled what we feel is the best alternative remedies and dietary suggestion below. Where clinical evidence is available, we have provided links to the research information.
This information is for education purposes only and it is not to be construed as medical advice. Please consult your medical practioner for any medical advice.
1. Flax Seeds: Eat lots of milled flax seed. 5 Tablespoons or more daily. Flax seed is consider to be an excellent anti-oxidant for the body. The flax seed must be ground or milled. Whole flax seed is not suitable since it is much harder to digest. Flax seed oil is not as good as milled flax seed. Mix milled flax seed into bran muffins, homemade bread, your morning cereal. Again make sure you eat milled flax seed. Flax seeds must be milled or very well chewed to be of benefit. If you must buy whole flax seed, it can be milled at home using a coffee grinder.
2. Brazil Nuts! Brazil nuts are very high in selenium which has been found to have strong anti-cancer properties. Some people claim selenium can effectively destroy cancer cells. 2 brazil nuts contain the recommended daily dose of selenium for a normal healthy adult.
3. Eat Tomatoes! Eat lots of tomatoes. The National Cancer Institute has discovered that eating tomatoes, (raw or cooked) have very strong anti-cancer properties. They found that eating tomatoes can lower the risk of some forms of cancer. If they can lower the risk of cancer, they might be able to fight cancer.
4. Vitamins. (Consult your doctor before using vitamins). Our bodies require fresh vitamins on daily basis. Adding vitamin supplements to your diet is a very good idea and you should be taken as a supplement to your diet daily. Some simple tips when taking vitamins should be followed. In general, vitamins in a tablet form are very hard to digest. Some vitamins are never digested and they are excreted in the stool still intact including the vitamin manufacturers name still stamped on the outside of the tablet. Try to use vitamins that are in liquid form and those that have been manufactured from vegetables, plants and fruits. Vitamins are best taken when they come from plants. Plants naturally absorb and process vitamins and minerals from the soil into already absorbable vitamins and minerals. It must be noted that vitamins can not be absorbed into the body correctly without the aid of minerals. Kindervital makes a very good liquid vitamin. The best place to find liquid vitamins is at a store that sells vitamins for infants. These vitamins are designed for very young children and therefore contain a smaller proportion of minerals and vitamins as compared to adult vitamins. Even thought the proportions are less, your ability to absorb these vitamins are greatly increased which results in the absorption of more vitamins.
5. Minerals: Minerals are vital to all living cells. Minerals such as iron help transport oxygen to the cells. Without minerals our body could not survive. Minerals can be taken in various forms including tablet form. The same problem exist with minerals in tablet form as they do in taking vitamins in tablet form. They are not readily absorbed by the body. Unprocessed trace metals cannot be digested. Minerals that have been dissolved and processed by plants are in a form that are easily absorbed and digested by the body.
6. Essiac Herbal Tea: This is the best Alternative Herbal Medicine currently available for cancer. Essiac has been a long time favorite choice among cancer sufferers as a supplement to their cancer care. It is worth while to read a little information about essiac.
7. Blood Work Poor blood work is always a problem when taking chemotherapy. The chemotherapy destroys all living cells, good and bad, including blood cells. To help the blood that is not damaged, you can add extra iron to you diet by cooking food in a cast iron frying pan. Iron helps oxygen attach to the hemoglobin in your blood for delivery to the cells which require fresh oxygen. By adding iron to your diet naturally from colloidal minerals and cooking in a cast iron frying pan, you will be assisting the blood. When you cook in a cast iron frying pan, the iron leeches out of the pan into the food you are cooking. I am not saying to fry everything in a cast iron pan but if you need to make spaghetti sauce, make it in the cast iron pan. If you are warming pizza up, warm it slowly in a covered cast iron pan.
8. Chemotherapy side effects. Anecdotal information reports essiac is beneficial for decreasing the side effects of chemotherapy. Many oncologists are recommending using a good essiac tea when taking chemotherapy to help offset the side effects of chemotherapy.
9. Radiation Side Effects. Anecdotal information reports essiac is beneficial for decreasing the side effects of radiation.
10. Boosting your immune system: Echinacea is one of natures most powerful immune enhancing compounds. Echinacea Angustifolia root is the best echinacea to buy. Echinacea purpurea is a lesser type of echinacea. The root of the echinacea plant is the best part of the plant to use. The flowers and tops are not as potent as the root.
11. Blue Berries have recently been found to have strong anti-cancer properties as reported in a Toronto Star News Paper Article.
12. Hazel Nuts have been found to contain an ingredient from which Taxol (a powerful chemotherapy drug) is derived. A Toronto Star Newspaper Article has revealed that researchers found a low grade chemical that may or mat not be of sufficient quantity to help against cancer.
13. Omega-3 Fatty Acids: A natural oil found in fresh fish and sardines. A good source of Omega-3 Fatty is acids can also be found in flax seeds. Flax seeds must be milled or very well chewed to be of benefit. Reports indicate that higher concentrations of Omega-3 fatty acids are found in the skin and oil of all fish and particularly in salmon and tuna. Eating the skin and fat of salmon and tuna will provide you with a very good natural source of omega-3 fatty acids. Note: Tuna packaged or tinned in water have less omega-3 fatty acids than Tuna in oil. (http://www.smallcrab.com/)

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